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News & Press Release

The HSP Difference

Innovation, Experience, Health Care Focus

Health Solutions Plus (HSP) is an innovative provider of enterprise healthcare solutions focused exclusively on healthcare payers. Our mission is to provide our clients with market leading innovative solutions for health benefit administration. HSP's comprehensive Enterprise Healthcare Payer Suite supports Member and Benefit Management, Claims Administration, Utilization Management, Care Management, Disease Management, Health & Wellness, Customer Service, Document Capture and Management, Business Intelligence and Reporting, integrated Workflow and real-time web and mobile access to information at anytime from anywhere. HSP also provides exemplary business process outsourcing services. HSP understands your technology and business needs as well as your financial worries. With regulations mandating costly changes and self-service models emerging as competitive threats to your market share - now more than ever - the right technology, tools and processes are not only needed to stay ahead, but possibly even to stay in the game. Learn more>>>

Enterprise Healthcare Payer System

Single-Source Solution

HSP offers the most complete single source product solution on the market. Our approach eliminates the costly issues and down time associated with the "multi-vendor" interfacing systems idea; for instance, if one piece of another vendor's system changes, all of the other vendors' pieces must be reconfigured to accommodate that modification. Because HSP owns all of its "pieces", every release continues to be in sync across the enterprise, ensuring that your business operations are not interrupted. While other providers of healthcare software solutions for payers and providers offer disparate systems conglomerated from acquisitions and third party vendors, HSP delivers a comprehensive system with a single source database that controls the whole process from start to finish. Learn more>>>
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